Some Of My Graphics...

I created the "Paintings" below a few years back using Paint Shop Pro v4.14 (it's now up to version 12!). I followed a tutorial by AL Dawson. He calls his creations "digitoils". I think they are truly amazing. Unfortunately, Al's presence on the web has all but disappeared. The link above points to a site that has archived his first digitoill tutorial. Be sure to check it out before it disappears!!

Click on an image below to view it full size.

Digitoil Digitoil
Digitoil Digitoil

I'm also really impressed with Paint Shop Pro itself. It's a terrific program. I have used it to create all of the original graphics on this and many other websites. If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share, e-mail me and I will place them on this page.

Below are some examples of effects and images that can be created with PSP. Just click on the example to go to a tutorial covering that effect or make sure you take a look here to see some really cool images that can be created just using the text tool. Sorry... these tutorials are off-line at the moment. I'll try to bring them back up soon.

Raised text Carved text Graffiti

There's more on the way! Keep checking back.