Where do I begin...

I'm originally from Trenton, Ohio. That makes me a Cincinnati Reds fan. They've really made some improvements over the last few years and are regular contenders for the Central Division Pennant. They've made a managerial change this year, replacing Dusty Baker with Bryan Price (former Reds pitching coach) to try and help them get over the hump. They've make it to the playoffs 3 of the last four years, but have lost in the first round each time. Maybe the changes will help and this will be the year. Let's hope!

I played music professionally in the 80s in a band called "Hot Cargo". Made a living from that for about 7 years. I finally decided we were never going to make it 'big', so that's when I figured it was time to get a 'real' job and went to work in the CATV field. I now satisfy my musical urges by writing and recording music with my online 'Internet' band, "Project-43". We've released 4 CDs date. Band members are scattered all over the globe and we record our parts separately and they all get sent back to me to 'mix' together. Check out the music and read about the details here.

I'm now living and working in Pewaukee, Wisconsin where I'm the IT Manager for a local company. I've been in Wisconsin now for about thirteen years now. I started in Sheboygan, then moved to Greenfield before relocating once more, to Pewaukee. Hopefully, this will be the last stop for a while. Kathy and I are much happier being so close to work. A seven minute drive each morning with no highways, certainly makes for a great start to the day.

When I'm not playing guitar, I spend most of my free time by feeding my 'Home Theater' addiction. This hobby is not only a money hog, but it can take quite a bit of your free time just keeping up with the new technologies. If you're a A/V geek too, you can find LOTS of Home Theater, HDTV and audio advice in the AVS forums.